Descriptions Now

Descriptions Now

Writes an accurate job description within minutes

Descriptions Now is a software that will help you with your hiring process. With the help of Descriptions Now you can easily get a comprehensive job description system including sections of qualifications, supervisory responsibilities, work environment, physical demands and performance competencies, just by following and entering your info in the Q&A form supplied by the software.

You have never written a job description as fast as this, although it doesn't stop there. When you have your interviews, Descriptions Now even helps you to come up with what kind of questions to ask your interviewees, and it also gives you rating forms so it's easy for you to compare the candidates side by side.

You will have a complete library of job titles and essential duties at your disposal, so you can easily mix and match duties to create the exact position you are looking for. The interface is very easy to use, it allows you to customize, track and manage job descriptions like never before. Descriptions Now could be good if you have a hard time writing good job descriptions.

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